What is the Eligibility to study M.B.B.S. ABROAD?

  • Students who meet ALL the following criteria are eligible to enroll overseas for MBBS course.
  • Attained 17 years of age as on December 31 of the year of Admission.
  • Passed 10+2 from a recognized Council / Board in India / Abroad.
  • Have Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English as subjects in class 11 and in class 12 and passed in each subject, Physics, Chemistry and Biology should have a practical test in each subject.
  • Obtain minimum 50% (40% for SC/ST/OBC) in aggregate in PCB combined in 12th (PUC)Board.
  • Student must have obtained minimum cut off  marks in NEET.
  • Any other examination which, in scope and standard is found to be equivalent to the intermediate science examination of an Indian University/Board, taking Physics, Chemistry and Biology including practical test in each of these subjects and English.

Would the student have to give any entrance examination prior to joining the University in Ukraine?

Unlike the other countries, there are no pre-qualifying examinations like CET, TOEFL, IELTS, etc for admission to the Universities. The admissions are based on the 12th standard marks for the Graduate courses and as per the equivalency of the Indian graduate degree with the Ukrainian degrees for the Post Graduate courses. All admissions are strictly on a first come first served basis. But a basic knowledge of English is must if a student opts to join a medical course in ENGLISH medium.

Is there any entrance examination prior to joining Ukraine ? What is the Admission process? As there are no all India entrance examinations – does it mean that the Quality of education in Ukraine is bad??

No CIS country conducts an entrance examination the way it happens in India. Admission is granted on the Basis of class 12 marks and an interview and a competency test. This has been their TRADITION. Just as in India – the tradition is an all India Entrance Examination – due to India‘s huge population and shortage of seats (!!) The population of India is over 110 crores and India has 30,000 medical seats each year. The population of Ukraine is only 5 crores and they have over 15,000 medical seats each year. As explained elsewhere – facilities and quality of education imparted in Ukraine are excellent from the Bachelors to the PhD level. Students have to pass annual examinations to be promoted. The standard of education is very high. Class Tests are conducted everyday from Monday to Friday. 100% attendance is needed. Students should be good and hardworking to do well. European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) is followed. The standard of education offered is that of European quality in Ukraine.


Is Ukraine universities listed in the World Health Organization (WHO) Directory?

YES, Ukraine universities is listed in WHO Directory of Medical Institutions. WHO publishes a list of Medical Colleges, given by various countries. NOTE: WHO does NOT rank Medical Universities. What WHO does is simply publish the list of Medical Institutes given to it by each Government.

All the medical Universities from Ukraine recognized by the MCI?

YES. All foreign medical Universities listed in the WHO “Directory of world medical schools” are globally recognized including the Medical Council of India, European Medical Council, General Medical Council UK, American Medical Association USA and so on. As per the amendment to the Indian Medical Act, 1956, any Indian student intending to study medicine in any medical college anywhere in the world for a graduate medical course, After the successful completion of the course, the student is expected to appear for a screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination as required by the Medical Council of India prior to the registration with the Medical Council of India. More details could be obtained from the Medical Council of India either from their office in New Delhi or from their official website. Latest developments in MCI confirms “Screening test” renamed as ‘NEET-PG’ mandatory for graduates from Indian Medical institutions as well as foreign graduates. Not all foreign Post Graduate courses are recognized by the Medical Council of India. This would mean that you would be unable to neither work as a specialist in a government hospital nor teach the specialization learnt. You would however, have your own private practice or work in a private hospital. MedVision Abroad will assist Students in applying for “Eligibility Certificate” from MCI. Needed Documents for MCI 10th, 11th, 12th Mark Sheets, Birth Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Community Certificate, Photos, Passport, Admission & Invitation Letter. Note: It is likely that the Screening Test will be administered to ALL students from India, studying in private and government colleges in India, in addition to students from overseas, in order to create a uniform MBBS education competency standard in India. This proposal is on the MCI website see www.mciindia.org/tools/announcement/pg-medical-education pdf.

Is the Ukraine Bachelor‘s Degree recognized in India and abroad?

YES. Ukraine Bachelor‘s Degree is recognized in India and in more than 180 countries around the World. Ukraine medical graduates can practice in the following countries after completing formalities as needed by each country:

India: After clearing a Screening Test conducted by the National Council of Education. The test is held twice a year.

United Kingdom: After passing the PLAB examination.

United States of America: After clearing the USMLE.

European Union (EU): The ukrainian degree is recognized by the European Union.

Note: In addition to Professional Qualifications, the applicant will have to comply with all other immigration rules of the host country – such as visa, work permits, medical fitness, language etc.


How many times can I appear in the Screening Test?

There is NO LIMIT on the number of Attempts in the Screening Test. A sincere student will pass Screening Test in first attempt. It is a QUALIFYING test similar to class 12 test. It is NOT an ELIMINATION test such as PMT.

Can I practice in India on my return, after MBBS / MD degree or Primary Medical Qualification from UKRAINE?

YES. As per the current rules of the Medical Council of India (MCI), you can practice in India. After graduating from UKRAINE universities, you have to appear for a “Screening test” conducted by the National Board of Education (NBE), New Delhi. On clearing this test you need to register with the MCI and comply with all their rules and then you will get a Registration which will allow you to practice Medicine in India.

Can I get a job in Government Hospitals or applied Medical Institutions in India?

YES. After registering with MCI, the Doctor can apply for Government & Private jobs or do his/ her own practice; as the person is now recognized by the Indian Authorities as a Qualified Doctor.

Are there any Indian students already studying in Ukraine universities?

Over 5000 Indian students are already studying MBBS / MD in Ukraine. There are many Indian Boys and girls enrolled in Ukraine universities.

What is the Medium of Instruction?

The medium of Instruction is ENGLISH.

What if the classes are conducted in English? Do I need to be proficient in Russian/Ukrainian ?

For the medical studies, the first three years consist of pre-clinical training and is more lectures oriented. The preclinical subjects are taught completely in the English language. However, there are Russian/Ukrainian language classes as a part of the curriculum from the first year itself. This is necessary since from the fourth year the students would start his clinical subjects, which would require him / her to attend the clinics and hospitals as part of his training and would have to interact with the local patients and hence would require knowing the local language. Students are therefore required to be proficient in the Russian/Ukrainian language so that they are able to gain the most out of their Medical education in Ukraine. Also the knowledge of the local language is an added asset for the student to interact with the local public.

Can I do Masters or Post Graduation there?

YES. After completion of MBBS degree from India/ Ukraine or any recognized Institute, you can pursue P.G. studies in Ukraine universities. It offers 25 Specializations in the Masters Level. So the QUALITY of Education in Bachelors Degree is very high – as the Institute teaches not only at the Bachelors – but also the Masters and PhD level. Hence: ukraine‘s quality of Education is much higher than most Indian Private or Govt. Colleges.

Can I get Bank Loan and to what Extent?

As per RBI regulation Students pursuing education abroad can obtain loan up to Rs.15 Lacs. Visit the local Branch of a nationalized bank to find terms. Amount sanctioned depends on income proof of parents. i.e. Last Three years Income Tax Returns and / or Salary Certificate. You will have to satisfy the criteria of the Bank you apply. Visit the local Branches of Nationalized Banks in your area to find out more.

Can I get help for the Bank Loan from you?

MEDVISION ABROAD could guide the student/parent with regards to the bank loans available and also guide the students about the loan formalities. MEDVISION ABROAD could also support the student with all the documents that he / she would require from the University. However, the student/parent would have to fulfil the eligibility regarding the issuance of the bank loan and the responsibility of securing the loan would remain with the student/parent. and terms and conditions.

How do I apply for my passport?

The procedure and complexity is different for each state in India. Generally, for obtaining a passport, you need to apply to your local passport office in an application form available at the passport office/Collector/SP office or Online. It would however, be an easier process for the student to apply through a travel agent since he is well aware of the process. The process normally takes around 1 month for the issuance of the passport after the date of application submitted and the passport is directly sent to your address. However, it is known that the issuance of passport may take a longer time, which may result in a delay in proceeding abroad or even the cancellation of your admission. Therefore, you should take all precautions and plan accordingly. There is also a facility to have your passport issued on a “Tatkaal” basis upon submission of your ‘letter of admission’ from the University. We highly recommend you to apply for a TATKAAL passport which should take only 7 working days for issuance after submission of documents

The following documents are needed for the application of your passport.

  • Your birth certificate.
  • Proof of residence & proof of Identity.
  • Certificate of educational qualifications.
  • The Prescribed fee by the Passport office.
  • Students life in Ukraine


Where will I live?

The University you choose to go to will provide comfortable basic student accommodation with common kitchen facilities. All hostels are supplied with cold and hot water and central heating system. Each room contains beds, a desk, chairs, storage space. The rooms are usually for 2 or 3 or 4 persons depending on size. The cost is included in the yearly hostel fee that is paid to the University. Some Universities offer premium hostel facilities on extra charge as per class. Student hostel will provide you an exciting opportunity to learn more about soviet culture and student’s cultures from other countries.

For those who prefer to live out of university, private apartments are available, but students will have to rent them on their own.

How is living in Ukraine? Is it Safe?

Ukraine is a former part of the USSR. It is primarily a Christian Dominated Country with over 95% of the population being Christian. It has good law and order and security in place. Ukraine is trying for European Union (EU) membership. There is a large contingent of Indian students in Ukraine. Students have a comfortable and pleasant stay.

What kind of Food will I get in Ukraine?

  • Students can cook their own food – kitchen facilities are available.
  • Canteens and restaurants are available in the city and near the Universities premises.
  • Establishment of a dedicated low cost canteen serving Indian Food for International students in the Hostel premises is under consideration by the University.
  • All food items such as rice, dal, potatoes, tomatoes, flour, pizzas, fruits, spices, tea, milk, butter etc are available for sale in the markets and bazaars.

What are the facilities given in the Hostel:

  • Washing machine
  • Hot water
  • Free electric stoves for cooking
  • Change of bed sheets, blankets, pillow cover every week for free
  • Free Electricity
  • Security guard
  • Hostel Dean
  • High Speed Internet with 10 mbps speed.
  • Full Heating System in Hostel.

Does the student have to carry with him bed sheets etc. from India?

Hostel supplies student with linen required: i.e. Pillow, bed sheet, warm blankets etc. Student will have to carry with him everyday clothes. Winter Clothes can be purchased there – as needed by the Student.

What is the Currency of Ukraine?

The currency of Ukraine is “Hryvna”. Approximately 8 Hryvna = 1 US $ = ₹66. or ₹6.5 = 1 Hryvna.

Can a student open a bank account in Ukraine?

Yes, a student can open a bank account in Ukraine in his own name and parents can transfer money. Students can also take an international debit card from any bank in India. Parents can deposit money into this account in India and the student can withdraw foreign exchange in Ukraine.

How much money would a student require to stay in UKRAINE?

Generally, a student could stay quite comfortably requiring around ₹8000 to ₹15000 per month for food, communication, travel and leisure. This figure is approximate and would differ from person to person based on his / her life style.

What is the best way for the parents to send money to their child for their living expenses?

Students can withdraw money through ATM machines in Ukraine if they have a savings account in India which has a Global ATM card that is on the VISA ELECTRON, CIRRUS, MAESTRO or PLUS network. Money deposited in the saving account/cash passport account in India will be available for withdrawal the next working day. Depending on the ATM machine, US dollars or Ukrainian hryvnias can be withdrawn. There will be a transaction fee associated with each withdrawal. You are advised to check this with your bank. Spending pattern could be very well monitored online by this way of transaction and will be useful for the student to maintain a safe monthly budget.

Can my Parent Visit me in Ukraine? Can I travel in my Holidays or stay back in Ukraine?

Parents / Friends / Relatives of students can visit Ukraine. Invitations can be issued from Ukraine to facilitate visa processing in New Delhi.

There are two holidays in a year. 15 days in January and 2 months in summer (July and August). During holidays – students have the option of staying back in universities or traveling in Ukraine or Europe or coming back to India to spend it with their family.

Visa and travel

Does the student have to be present personally for an interview at the embassy/consulate for the issuance of the visa?

There is no need of student to be present personally for visa interview, only in some cases embassy asks the student to attend on interview.

How do I make travel arrangements?

MVA as part of their services assists the students to make their travel arrangements like rail and air ticket, Emigration clearance in India and Immigration clearance at the port of arrival in Ukraine.

Will I be accompanied on my trip to enroll at university for the first time?

First time students going to Ukraine are required to travel with us in a group with other students. As part of our exclusive services, Students will be accompanied, escorted by MVA representatives wherever possible and met at the Airport and brought to the University to register and to check-in to student hostels.

What if I want to go home or travel out of Ukraine during my studies?

When you know your travel dates out of the country, you MUST apply with the University for what is termed as an “Exit-Re-Entry” visa, which allows you to leave and return again without giving up your student visa.

Can my parents or family visit me while I study in Ukraine ?

Of course, they can! However, the University you are currently studying at and the government is not responsible for the travel expenses or arranging accommodation for your family.

Students must apply to the University for an Invitation letter for your family. With this letter, your family then can apply for a visa for entry at the local Ukraine Embassy or Consulate. Please allow between 4-8 weeks for the visa application process